Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh, patut la...

Virgo's are often called the control freaks of the horoscope. They usually invent a world and live in it. This is usually not a fantasy world (like something an Aquarius would create to amuse his or her friends.) It is usually a very practical construction that enables workaholicism or reaching a long-term goal in some way.
Patut la aku selalu frust; sebab aku x dapat kawal benda yang aku nak kawal 

Virgos really appreciate scent so one way to attract one is to wear a designer perfume or aftershave of some kind.
No wonder la what's I remembers the most about someone or something is their scent...

Virgos are not huge conversationalists in the first place so idle chit chat is not their favorite form of discourse. They also hate people who are gossips or interested in matters that are silly or below their dignity. You'll never catch a Virgo buying a celebrity tabloid for instance.
Patut la ramai orang ingat aku ni pendiam. Kalau ramai2, aku tak terasa nak join bercerita. Orang dah tanya baru aku jawab. And that's also explains why I always feel people won't understand whatever topic I want to talk about.

Keep in mind that Virgos have an extremely critical eye. They will notice everything and record it including how much you tip, whether you keep the cap on the toothpaste done and what side you part your hair on.
Patut la aku selalu perasan (notice) benda yang orang lain tak perasan. Dan betapa frustnye aku rasa lepas tu.

Virgos work best one on one
That'll explains a LOT of things.

Virgos love to label people and compartmentalize their own social lives so that entire groups of friends may never cross.
Yeah, I'm guilty of it. My school friends never know my matrix friends and vice versa. My varsity friends never know both groups. And in those three groups of friends, there is smaller groups. And rarely they cross path with each other. And even if they do, I rarely acknowledge it.

Aku dah terpengaruh sangat dengan horoskop2 ni semua ke?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

just letting off a bit of my steam...yes, I'm irked

 Professor Gerry Thomas, the director of the Chernobyl tissue bank from Imperial College London, says too much emphasis is being put on the nuclear issue. "I think we're getting an accurate picture as far as the radiological alarm is concerned. What concerns me most is that we're actually focusing on the wrong disaster.The real disaster is the tsunami and the number of people who've lost their lives that way. We're focusing on a disaster that isn't a disaster.

Eat that, those who started the stupid rumour
Yeah, it's stupid because I can't see the connection between radiation and acid rain.
And yeah, it irked me to no end.
Unless you're the 50 workers at the plant that trying to cool off all the reactors, 
you don't have anything to be worried about.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Life is more than what you are thinking it is...

Jepun dilanda gempa bumi dan tsunami
And here I thought my life is miserable...

Setakat entry ni ditulis, 100 orang disahkan mati
And here I am, wishing something bad will happen to me so that I don't have to go to work

Kerosakan harta benda dijangka bernilai berbillion dollar
And here I am, thinking my personal finance is screwed enough 

Ramai kehilangan harta benda
And here I am, feeling unsatisfied with what I have

Rakyat Jepun masih dalam keadaan berjaga-jaga
Mereka bersyukur masih hidup
And here I am, whining about my life

Bumi makin tak stabil
Tanda2 kiamat dah banyak
And here I am, still the ungrateful servant of God

Hidup ni lebih dari yang kita sangkakan
Yeah, definitely it's more than that....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skim Rumah Pertamaku

One morning in an interior design contractor firm
A lady is sneakily reading her boss's newspaper
Main news: SRP (Skim Rumah Pertamaku) launched by the Government
The lady's brain can only process these info:

Skim Rumah Pertamaku
For those who are earning less than RM3000 a month
Ok, that could be me; that's what the lady thought
They can get a full loan with a low interest payback scheme for the purchase for their first home
Full loan? Low interest? Ok, that's interesting enough
For houses worth between RM100,000 to RM220,000
The lady's reaction?
RM100,000 to RM220,000 only?!?!

Look, I'm not trying to be ungrateful or whatever
But only RM100,000 to RM220,000?!
Come on, be real
What type of house can you get for RM220,000 in the Klang Valley?
All I can think of is two or three (small) bedroom low-cost apartment
In Malay language, rumah pangsa
Or at best, a medium three bedroom apartment, but at a not-so-desirable location
What more RM100,000?
A PPR (Projek Perumahan Rakyat) house?
I don't know about other states
But I'm pretty sure, the range is still quite, err, unreasonable

Do the government think that the price of houses is still at the 80's to 90's price?
Their intention is good, but their way is not so.
If you want to help, find a way so that developer will not put exorbitant price on houses
Sometimes Most of the times, the price of the houses in Klang Valley is really mind-boggling
Even at a location that is far from Kuala Lumpur or any other satellite cities,
the price is baffling
Want a reasonably-priced house? (Doesn't necessarily mean it's in the Skim's range)
Find it in Rawang, Bukit Beruntung, or perhaps Kubu Gajah
Or any other places similar to it
Or else, prepare to be disappointed
Just browse through the newspaper, Classified section, House for Sale
And you'll understand why I'm saying what I'm saying

Thanks to the Government, the lady had a humourous and amusing morning that day

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick for the umpteenth time...

3 bulan keje, 3 kali sakit
Sakit #1: viral infection 
Sakit #2: flu yang menyeksakan
Sakit #3: flu yang menyeksakan - round kedua

Orang lain pun macam ni ke?
Immune system aku yang lemah atau memang kerja teruk sangat?
Lebam la kalau sepanjang hidup macam ni....
What's the use of doing something that supposedly 'it's-what-you-should-do-in-life'
If it's slowly gonna destroy you?
Ok, I exaggerated about the destroy part but you got what I meant.