Thursday, September 15, 2011

Walls and Phones


Kau dan aku sama-sama jenis tak reti nak depend kat orang
Apatah lagi nak cerita soal jiwa raga segala bagai
Kan kita punya dinding boleh kalah nuclear bunk

Tapi akan ada beberapa orang yang tau luar dalam segala bagai perangai dan sifat kita
Dan orang-orang ni yang kita akan cari

Tapi kau lagi hebat dari aku
Sebab kau fikir orang lain dulu baru kau fikir diri sendiri
Walau kau sendiri dalam mess yang amat sangat
Dan aku sedikit pentingkan diri

But know this,
I care about you and no matter what mess I am in, 
Yours will be my priority

Bak kata Fairy Godmother dalam cerita Shrek:
"Happily Ever After Just a Phone Call Away"
Tapi dalam bab aku dan kau:
"I'm just a phone call away"

Just a phone call away...

Monday, September 5, 2011

With Raya, comes family gathering (and something else)

It was a gut-clenching, almost heart-wrenching moment
Gut-clenching for a reason
Almost heart-wrenching for almost entirely different reason
It was one part of Raya and  family gathering that I hate

A comment here, a comment there
It was all in a good sport
Just an innocent teasing
But they all touched many nerves
Or perhaps one huge sensitive nerve

Just paste a (fake) smile on the face and eat the kuihs and drink the air sirap
Or perhaps just laugh it off as if it was the funniest thing ever heard in a long time
Or just tactfully change the subject
Else I run the chance of losing my tongue from biting it too strong

It was a topic I hate for myriad of reasons
And I don't want to tell them what I need to tell them
Because the truth will be...complicated? heartbreaking?saddening? hurtful?(go on, pick a word)

Ah yes, the truth
They can't and won't handle the truth
So I will just stick with eating kuihs and drinking air sirap
And pasting the sweetest (fake) smile on my face