Monday, September 5, 2011

With Raya, comes family gathering (and something else)

It was a gut-clenching, almost heart-wrenching moment
Gut-clenching for a reason
Almost heart-wrenching for almost entirely different reason
It was one part of Raya and  family gathering that I hate

A comment here, a comment there
It was all in a good sport
Just an innocent teasing
But they all touched many nerves
Or perhaps one huge sensitive nerve

Just paste a (fake) smile on the face and eat the kuihs and drink the air sirap
Or perhaps just laugh it off as if it was the funniest thing ever heard in a long time
Or just tactfully change the subject
Else I run the chance of losing my tongue from biting it too strong

It was a topic I hate for myriad of reasons
And I don't want to tell them what I need to tell them
Because the truth will be...complicated? heartbreaking?saddening? hurtful?(go on, pick a word)

Ah yes, the truth
They can't and won't handle the truth
So I will just stick with eating kuihs and drinking air sirap
And pasting the sweetest (fake) smile on my face

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