Monday, August 29, 2011

Raya and random babbling

Mohon ampun dan maaf kepada semua yang pernah terasa dan sebagainya.
Sila nikmati Hari Raya anda semua sebelum kembali bekerja minggu depan :P
Dan sila check semula dalam masa sekurang2nya 3 bulan untuk next post...kecuali jika keadaan memerlukan post2 emergemcy
Ya, saya sangat bizi (sila baca: malas) untuk update blog ini
Maafkan saya untuk itu.
Dan amat jarang saya akan post cerita2 tentang kisah seharian saya ataupun benda2 personal
Kalau ada pun, ianya akan berbentuk post yang tak difahami orang 
So, that's that
I'm out.

Journey of life

In the journey of life, we'll meet a lot of people
A lot of different people with a lot of different 'colours'
People that has and will affect a person's life
And I held to the believe that there is a reason why these people come to my life
Even if they leave a scar on me

Why did God decide that I should met my best friend during my matrix year?
Because He knew that the years after matrix will be more difficult for me and I will need someone to help me get through it

Why did I gone through one bitter experience with someone during my University years?
Because it has to happened to teach me a lesson about real life and people in it

Why did my I met all the wonderful people in my Residential college?
Because God wants me to have a taste what a great friendship is.

Why some people just come for a fleeting moment and not stayed in my life?
So that I know how precious all those that stayed and even if they are there only just for a while, I learned something from them

Why did I get a job at my past and current workplace?
Because there was and will be something for me to learn from the people in there.

All in all, I'm grateful that I met every single person that entered my life because all of them played a part in my life.
And some I may not realized it until years later.
Yup, God has a way of teaching us something without us realizing it at that moment.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quacking duck and Family

One random fact about me:
On my hand phone, I set a sound of a quacking duck as my ringtone for calls from all of my family members.

Another fact:
That ringtone is very annoying. You'll feel like throwing the phone to shut it off.

"Then, why did I set it for calls from family?" One might ask me

Well, ducks are cute even though their quacking sound can be annoying.
And I love the adorable creature that is the duck (yes, even with the quacking)

So, yeah I love my family even though sometimes they annoy me to no end
Yes, sometimes I feel like strangling my two younger sisters
Yes, sometimes I feel like shouting at my older sister
Yes, sometimes I feel like decking my older brother
Yes, sometimes I feel really, really exasperated with my parents
But I love them nonetheless
With flaws and all

And I hope they will love me no matter what
No matter what...