Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quacking duck and Family

One random fact about me:
On my hand phone, I set a sound of a quacking duck as my ringtone for calls from all of my family members.

Another fact:
That ringtone is very annoying. You'll feel like throwing the phone to shut it off.

"Then, why did I set it for calls from family?" One might ask me

Well, ducks are cute even though their quacking sound can be annoying.
And I love the adorable creature that is the duck (yes, even with the quacking)

So, yeah I love my family even though sometimes they annoy me to no end
Yes, sometimes I feel like strangling my two younger sisters
Yes, sometimes I feel like shouting at my older sister
Yes, sometimes I feel like decking my older brother
Yes, sometimes I feel really, really exasperated with my parents
But I love them nonetheless
With flaws and all

And I hope they will love me no matter what
No matter what...