Friday, June 10, 2011

Life Part XIX

I'm not a good daughter,
But I'm trying my hardest to be one
I'm a terrible follower of my religion
But I really, really wanted to be the opposite of that
I'm not a good person, as people thought I am,
But I'm trying to be one
I'm not a good friend
But I always try to be there when a friend needed someone
I'm a lazy, selfish jerk
And it kills me when I realized that

All in all, I'm a human
A normal human with flaws
A human that, people sometimes forgot, can be broken (easily)
Despite what my facade is
No, I'm not talking about relationship, love, or something along that line
I'm talking about everything but that
I'm talking about life (my life)

And I'm nearly broken.... 

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cowbebe said...

just be neutral