Monday, October 3, 2011

Life Notes for future reference.

Dear Me (Dot3),

Here are some life notes you should keep for future references. Open this post sometimes in the future:

1) Never promise promises you don't intend to keep. It sucks to be on the receiving end of a broken promise

2) Likewise, never hold on to any promises promised to you except God's promises. People tend to forget.

3) Yes it is difficult, but please learn to say no. Sometimes saying yes will lead to lots of screw-up.

4) Don't love the one you love too much. This includes family, friends and whoever you love. Yes, even the family.

5) Human should be dictated by their mind, not by their heart. As the Malay proverb said "Ikut hati, mati"

6) Sometimes, it worth biting the tongue than blurting out what's on your mind. Because silence is golden.

7) Sometimes, life sucks. Nothing you can do about it. Just soldier on. It may or may not get better, but you will learn something from it.

8) People will come and go. And people who stay will change; so will you.

9) Please make a more sturdier walls. The one you have is actually not sturdy enough.

That is all for now. You may add some when you open this sometimes in the future.

Yours truly,

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cowbebe said...

silence is platinum!! bcoz platinum is more expensive than gold xD