Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trekking in the forest...forest-trekking?

What will you get when you take 9 totally un-athletic, unfit, city people and put them in a forest for trekking?
hurmm, let me see....

i) 3 gave up (almost) halfway the trail
ii) 6 pairs of aching leg
iii) 6 (almost) bursts lung
iv) 6 people can hear their heart pounding in their head
v) 6 sweaty, smelly people which neither of them brings any extra clothes
vi) 1 person (not me!) manage to leave her mark there: her vomit
vii)  a statement from an uncle "kat subang jaya takdak hutan ka"
viii) 6 person wishing a long, cold shower but did not get it

Is the experience worth it?
Yep, all of it! Not everyday you can see the city from a forest canopy

Would I do it again?
Sure. But next time I'm going to take my own sweet time doing it. I mean, the pro did it in 25 minutes and we able to did it in 30-35 minutes. Not bad for totally un-athletic and unfit city people.

So, next time anyone wanted to go for a trek through the FRIM forest, count me in. Even if my body ache the next day, like it has been doing a 40 km marathon.


Anonymous said...

nak jugak!!!hehe..

DoT dOt DoT said...

nanti klu free kita g ye ;P