Sunday, July 4, 2010

watching too much (tv) drama

“It hurts when I don’t see him, and when I do.
It hurts whether he’s here, or whether he’s not. 
Hurts whether he smiles at me, or smiles at someone else. 
Hurts whether he calls my name, or doesn’t. 
As long as I don’t disappear into the earth, I think I’ll continue to feel hurt, Jung-woo, but still, being here is better. 
Being able to see him and hate him is better than him not being here.
Gu Eun Jo
(Cinderella's Sister)
I don't know why but I really like this.
Perhaps I'm a  romantics after all.
p/s: this post does not imply anything, seriously


Lina said...

Kita boleh pakai topeng bermacam dan berbagai rupa.

Dan kita, akan sentiasa pilih untuk pakai yang paling kuat. Bina dinding setinggi gunung.

Tapi lembutnya isi hati masing masing, diam diam. Tak ramai yang tahu.

Whatever this post implies or does not imply, i feel you. :)

yuuki said...

i like it too.. =)

DoT dOt DoT said...

as always, you do get me ;)

thx...nice use of words rite? ;)