Monday, June 28, 2010

jiwang, romantics or plain stupid?

Sometimes, just sometimes
Your heart will decide to play a game with you
A cheeky game perhaps, or a dangerous one
The one that will leave both side bruised

Those who threw away their heart
or perhaps locked it up in a chest,
just like what Davy Jones did,
Might not notice it
And ignores the heart's calling
Thus, they might be the fortunate one,
Or they might be the unfortunate one,
It depends on who's saying it

Those romantics,
Ahh, yes, them
The one who is always willing
Yes, I'll say you guessed it,
They will play along with the heart
Not knowing the consequences of doing so,
(or maybe they did, but decided it worth it)
They will cry, oh they will
Especially when they lose
But they are always, and will always be the willing one

As for me, I am neither the romantics nor the one who threw away my heart
(but I once came (really) close from losing it)
I learned to listen to the heart
But I also learned to never trust it completely
For it is never a wise decision to do so
A warning though, to never trust me completely either
For I am just a person that likes to brood

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nanimsheik said...

for me,i love to listen to my heart~~~~hihihi...just wanna share with u dear...(^0^)

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