Friday, October 1, 2010


You told me to do as I wish
But when I want to do as I wish, you don't seem to agree
You've given me two choices, A or B
I decided to do A, but I want to do it in my own way
It turns out that the choices A and B have a catch
The catch?
It must be done the way you deem it should be done
When I refused to do it the way you want it,
you refused to accept my decision
And in the end, you said I don't know what to do with my life
When the truth is, I had it all planned out
It just I don't want to tell you about it
Because I know you will not accept it
And I'm tired of defending myself
Cause in the end, I'm the one who felt suffocated

1 comment:

kucin_yg_brutal95 said...

pehal? senyum r sister dik.. dgr je diorang.. x pyh nk jwb pape..mmg mle2 diorsng x accept, nnt diorang akn accept pnye.. hidup perlu keredhaan. nk keredhaan tuhan kene ade keredhaan diorang..klaw diorang bising, sengih je..klaw nk luahkn pendapat, x pyh nk garang2 atau high tone.. be happy :)

(aselehe pnye adikkn?)