Monday, November 7, 2011

Here comes the Nightmare

Sleep is nice.
I mean, who doesn't like to sleep?
Especially after a long, hard day?
Feeling that blissful feeling of drifting to the Land of No Worries, where there are no worries in that world
Where all problems ceased to exist, or it simply turns into those weird-montages-with-psychedelics-things-in between-the-frame kind of dream
The kind of dream that sometimes left you wondering "What the hell was my sub-conscious mind thinking?!"
And finally wakes up from a weird but restful night

But (yup there's a but in everything),
Sometimes going to sleep is a struggle (or worse, a fight), even after a long, hard and tiring day.
When the mind refused to shut off, because those insistent thoughts refused to go away
Sleep came hard, and it came with a heart-wrenching feeling
The kind of feelings that contribute to the saying 'crying oneself to sleep'
And even if sleep comes easily, Nightmare will come to pay a visit
And there are many kind of Nightmare
There's the wakes-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night kind of Nightmare
There's the it-felt-so-real-it-it-caused-you-to-wake-up-sweating-and-trying-to-find-your-breath kind of Nightmare
There's the it-was-so-scary-I-don't-want-to-sleep-alone-anymore kind of Nightmare
There's the it-keep-coming-back-to-haunt-my-night kind of Nightmare
See, there are many kind of Nightmare
And my least favourite kind of Nightmare?
It's the it-really-the-sub-conscious-projecting-your-fear-and-your-every-thought-it-felt-so-real-and-so-raw-it-caused-you-to-really-cry-in-your-sleep-and-it-will-keep-haunting-your-night-you'll-have-many-sleepless-night

I want and need to sleep
But I don't want to go to bed (at least, not alone)
Because going to bed means thinking that thoughts
And crying myself to sleep
And having my least favourite Nightmare paying a visit
And waking up feeling worse than before

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