Sunday, January 9, 2011

We're different, but we're not wrong

We're different, but we're not wrong - CL of 2NE1 in OSEN interview

I like the interview answer given above
Because I experienced what happened when being different from others
Initially, I was bothered by it
But as time goes on, I don't give it a worth anymore
The thing is, no matter where I went
Or who I met, I always end up being a bit different from others
The difference was whether they accept it or not
I was lucky when I met those who accepted it
But those who do not, well *shrugs*

Another thing is, it's not that I am sooo different that I'm a total social outcast
Just slightly different in my way of thinking, and some other things
Even that considers me as 'different', 'weird' etc
But even if I'm a total social outcast, which I don't mind being one
I was and am not wrong

Yes I am different, but I am not wrong
Same goes to other people that dared to be different

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