Monday, January 3, 2011

You'll understand, if....

We agree that we differentiated ourselves.
Our image and everything is different (laughter).
I want to think of it as a compliment.
We are DIFFERENT, but we're NOT WRONG 
~ CL OSEN interview~

It's not because I'm a singer that I listen to songs and practice singing,
but because I love singing and dancing that I am a singer
If there comes a time that this starts to feel like it's nothing more than just a job,
I think I would quit with no regrets
If it's not fun anymore, there's no reason to do it anymore
~CL Vogue Interview~

I just want to live doing meaningful work.
right now, that is to sing and dance, which is why I am doing this work
~CL Vogue Interview~

I don't like being alone in a dessert, 
but I like being alone in a big city
~CL Vogue Interview~

Truthfully, even if I have only one friend my entire life, that would be enough. Whether that's my husband or boyfriend, I'd like it to be someone that I love.~CL Vogue Interview~

I really, really admire you, CL of 2NE1

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