Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crazy but sane

A crazy person never admit he's crazy
A sane person never have problem admitting he's crazy 
But what about sane person that question his own sanity?
What do we call them?
Half crazy / half sane?

He's sane enough to admit he's a bit crazy
But he's also crazy enough to deny that he's crazy
My words doesn't make sense?
Well, *shrugs*

Just what defines sanity?
A person that have logic and reasons?
What if he does have logic and reasons,
but his logic and reasons are distorted?
And what about logic itself?
What does it mean?

Some things are unexplainable
It just have to be accepted as it is


cowbebe said...

human is human..they r not crazy but they still r not sane..unless they r really2 insane *psychologically ill*

dot3 malas sign in said...

i have to agree, even though you'd annoyed me to hell today -_-"

cowbebe said...

lalala.annoying people is one of d greatest job i can do.haha