Friday, May 29, 2009

tag no 3

Ini tag oleh Hanna gak

Put your music player on shuffle and press next for every question.
The song that comes on is the answer.

[1] What is your life going to be like in 5 years?
Sinkong & Keju: bill & brod
- hurmm...tgh cari kaitan

[2] How is your love life going for you right now?
Truth, Cry & Lie : Letto
- so true

[3] What pisses you off the most about the opposite sex?
Stop and Stare : One Republic
-the stare part is true...ape tengok2?

[4] What do your friends really think of you?
Nous Avions des Ailes : Anggun
-it's a french song so i dunno what it means....sorang tolong translate

[5] What do you think about the world and its current state?
I'll Be Missing You : Puff Daddy

[6] What is the worst thing that's ever happened to you?
Something Deep Inside : Billie Piper
-jawapan umum, tapi betul....

[7] What will your first/next time having sex be like?
Ayat-ayat Cinta : Rossa xde kaitan gak

[8] What is your main goal in life?
Phoenix Bangkit Dari Abu : M. Nasir
-yeah, bangkit semula selepas gagal

9] What do the boys/girls at your school think of your looks?
Everlasting Love : Jamie Cullum

[10] What do you really want in life?
Crush : David Archuleta

[11] How are you going to get far in life?
La Neige au Sahara : Anggun
-translation: Snow on the Sahara....go figure

[12] What do say when you're in a bad mood?
Secret Garden : Bruce Springsteen
- say?! klu cari secret garden tu betul la....

[13] What about when you are really happy?
Peristiwa Subuh : Raihan
- ahahaha...langsung x jawab soklan

[14] What do think of yourself in general?
Whenever, Wherever : Shakira
- errr....betul kot sebab aku bley je g memana dn bila2

[15] What is your life's theme song?
1973 : James Blunt
- hidup aku retro kah?

[16] What are you going to do this weekend?
Only You : The Flying Pickets
- errr....sila jgn salah faham

[17] How can you try and make yourself happy?
Inconsolable : Backstreet Boys
- woah! inconsolable?!?!

[18] What song will they play at your wedding?
Hoy Ya No Estas Aqui : Il Divo
- dunno the translation but i know it's a love song...there's a part in says "as far as any man can see, as far as anyone can reach, you'll always be the fantasy, i can't believe that i was letting go, you'll always be the one for me, i can't believe that i was letting go" x kesah la

[19] Funeral song?
Betapa : Sheila on 7
- what? betapa aku tak patut mati?

[20] What or who makes you the most happy?
Ti Amero : Il Divo
- ini bahasa Itali...translation yang aku jumpa ialah "I Will Love You"...klu ade orang cakap camtu kat aku memang happy la

[21] What am I even doing on this earth?
Permintaan Hati : Letto
- permintaan hati sape?

[22] How am I going to die?
Menanti : Abstrak Hingga Ke Bulan
- menanti? menanti apakah? mati semasa menanti mati?

[23] What is some good advice?
Still Reminds Me : Anggun
- errr....sorang tolong cari kaitan...

[24] What's some advice you'd never take?
Bayang-bayang Ilusi : Anggun
-sape nak amek advice yang bayang2 ilusi je?

[25] Will you ever have children?
Ada : M.Nasir
-aku tak tipu...memang lagu ni wujud dan memang lagu ni yang kluar bila aku tekan next....

[26] What is/was high school like for you or what will it be like?
Heaven : DJ Sammy
- tipu...aku x rse high school aku heaven

[27] How are you feeling today?
Doo Ga Ji Mal : Jeong Jae Wook & The One
- translation : Two Words...maybe betul kot apa yang aku rase ari ni ada dalam two words je....

[28] What's your general outlook on life?
It's All : 98 Degrees
-betul kot

[29] What are your last words going to be?
The Reason : Hoobastank
- the reason i died?

[30] What song is going to be stuck in your head all day?
Won't Go Home Without You : Maroon 5
- oh, lagu ini bukan jenis lagu yang akan stuck dalam kepala aku sepanjang hari

[31]How will you be remembered?
Do You Know : Enrique Iglesias
- I dunno....

[32]What is your signature dancing song?
Cinderella : Tata Young
- oh, tidak

[33]What type of men/women do you like?
Kembali : Anggun
- yang kembali ke aku?!

korang go figure la aku camne berdasarkan lagu2 yang ada dalam mp3 aku.....

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