Thursday, November 26, 2009

definitions according to me

What is a sweet moment?
Eating rojak and cendol near KFC while watching a pigeon trying unsuccessfully to go through a fence

What is a surprise (a pleasant one)?
Mr. Teddy Bear

What is a funny moment?
Not knowing where to go and ends up parking the car near the Pandu Puteri hostel and just talks

What is missed opportunity?
When the person you really wished they call you, really calls you, but you did not notice (until an hour later) because you're phone was nowhere near you

What is frustation?
When you really need someone but you don't know who that someone

What is relieved?
When you turn on you phone in the morning and found out there were 3 missed calls and two messages from that certain someone last night

What is kantoi (not really)?
When you found out your sister sneakily reads your Message Inbox while you were in shower


marinata said...

luv part relieved. =P

DoT dOt DoT said...

perasaan itu x dpt digambarkan =P

asrulnizam said...

always thinkg the 'frustration' part..
pening kepalo den..hehe =p

DoT dOt DoT said...

sabo je la ek...ehehe

cow bebe said...

u found out ur sister reading msg when i told u..hehe =P

nadya_haikal=)) said...

jgn lper tnjk aku dat lucky mr. teddy bear..huhuhu!!!!