Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ramblings of an insomniac

What constitute as variation?
When there is a change, modification, alteration, or addition
So, if there is a change in my life, is it considered to have variation?

Tak cukup tido + stress + cuak + banyak fikir = aku yang takde perasaan + weng2

Sesungguhnya ianya amat menyeksakan apabila nikmat tidur ditarik walau untuk sekejap
Badan penat, otak letih tapi bila nak tido tak boleh

Nak balik rumah
Nak recharge segala yang hilang
Dan bersedia untuk yang seterusnya

Ready to face the outside battle
But never ready to face battle within
The greater battle of the two

Life is complicated enough without variation
So, yeah, I'll pass
Some wiil say it can add the much needed fun if I accept
Yeah, it maybe so
But I'm not ready to have fun, yet.

Just waiting for good things to come.........

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