Monday, February 9, 2009


i want to be free.
yeah?! from what?
from everything, something, nothing
what's wrong?
i dunno
what do u mean u dunno?
i dunno what's wrong with me
i just feel tired with everything
ok,not everything but......
i dunno.i juz feel like getting a new life
ur life is not that bad
yeah i know
then, why?
maybe i'm sick of being told what to do, who i should be, what i can or can't do...things like that
but it's for your own good
(snort) yeah right...
why'd you said that?
u r not in my place, u dunno how it feels
maybe i do,maybe i don't
u dunno how it feels being treated like an un-trustworthy 13 year old
what do you mean by that?
i can't elaborate...
if that is so, i can't help u
it's ok, i don't expect anyone to help me......
p/s: if u know me well enough, u will understand what dis post is all about.......

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