Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Little Bird Told Me a Story

One day, a little bird fly in and sit at my window.

The bird told me a story.

The story is about me.

The bird said it want to tell me the story because all the birds and whoever close to the birds already knew the story. It would be bad if I don't know it.

And the story changed my life, or shall I say, my perception to life.

When the story is finished, the bird said "my advice to you is, keep whatever that should be kept inside, inside"

I said my thanks to the bird.

Before the bird flew away, it adds one more advice "never trust the others no matter how close you to them, and that includes me"

Thank you Little Bird. I'll remember what you've said and add one more reminder to myself; no matter how many families, friends and enemies I have, the truth is that I'm alone in this world and I'm just a person passing by someone's life.

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