Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Conversation

A conversation taking place somewhere,between someone, some-when, somehow.

Ms. A: Do you believe in love?

Ms. B: Of course! Why?

Ms. A: What is love? How to define it?

Ms. B: Is there something wrong with you? Why are you asking all these suddenly ?

Ms. A: No, nothing is wrong with me. I just realized that I has stopped believing in love, or love as I knew it.

Ms. B: Since when?

Ms. A: Hurm...let me see. Don't really know. Could be since someone hurt me badly. Or could be until now I only got to know the bad side of love. Could be when my heart gets broken for the third time. Could be when I realized that love can be distorted. It could also be since I decided love is just a hassle. It could be whenever.

Ms. B: Aah, I see.

Ms. A: Is that all you can say?

Ms. B: Nope. Do you really want to hear what I want to say?

Ms. A: Sure, go ahead.

Ms. B: Well, love could be anything. Love can be just a four letter word. It also can be just a crazy chemical reaction taking place in our body. It can be pure, it can be really distorted. It's up to the individual to define what love is.

Ms. A: True

Ms. B: And it is the individuals that tainted love. Love is nothing, harmless even but the moment you put human in the equation, WHAM! love changes. Do you not realise that it is human that hurts another human? That human, a person, that broke your heart, not love? That people distort love according to what they believe? That love is dark because people made it so? That human emotion able to made the nothing-love to something-twisted-love? That human is the one that gave love many layers and sides, some we may not want to discover? That human also the one that made love deadly?.....Let me give you an analogy. Take a knife. If you left it on its own, it is just a steel. The moment you asked a human to use it, it become a different story altogether. There will be someone who'll use it wisely. There'll be someone who see it as a weapon. There'll be even someone who do not know how to use it. If it is well taken care of, it'll serve its purpose and we'll be happy with it. If not, well you know what'll happens. Do you get what I'm trying to say?

Ms. A: If that's the case, then shall I say that I do not believe in men?

Ms. B: Why should you?

Ms. A: As far my life's concern, it was them, the humans in my equation, that changes my perspectives on love.

Ms. B: It's up to you. I don't want to say anything about it. I can see that no reasonings can change your mind. But I do hope something for you.

Ms. A: And what is that you're hoping for me?

Ms. B: I hope that there will be someone, a man, that will be able change what you believe and will make you happy.

Ms. A: Ha, keep hoping then.

Ms.B: And I hope he come out soon, given your condition now.

Ms. A: ...

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