Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Two New Loves

Yup, I have found new love! In fact, two new loves!

Introducing, Mr. D and Mr. Penguin!

Mr. D's identity is still vague. I'll only knew him for about a week. I think in a couple of weeks, we'll become official and I'll get to know him better. And I believe we'll be inseparable then. He will be always on my mind wherever I go and whatever I do, even when I asleep.

As for Mr. Penguin, I knew him for two years and I never knew that I'll love him like I do now. He's using a different pet name before. He's been very helpful since my first year in U. I knew him about a month after I started my U life. He's also has been through a lot with me. No matter what I did to him, he's still stay faithful to me. I did not realized how much I like Mr. Penguin until something happened recently. Even though it's just someting small, it made me realised how important he is to me.

Both are important to me. I cannot let go either one and I cannot choose one over another. Looks like they had no choice but to share my love...heh.

p/s: Mr. D's and Mr. Penguin's identity will be revealed in a few weeks time....ehehe


mr. h said... ur like hot stuff now huh?
cheers to you. :)

hannah jamma said...

reveal kepada saya please!

DoT dOt DoT said...

mr. h:
aha...when u know who mr.d & mr.penguin really is, either u'll laughs ur head off or u'll go "what?!ekeleh poyo".....

refer ke atas dan tambahan: xnk bitau u sbb nnti u marah i sbb buat u excited je....

Anonymous said...

i think i can guess who's the penguin is~~ lalala

DoT dOt DoT said...

ahaha...n i can guess who u r~